Nunton Field

Nunton Field

Nunton Field is owned by the Longford Estate and is leased to Odstock Parish Council (OPC) for use as a recreation ground by residents of the parish.  The Pavilion is owned by OPC.

OPC is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance both of the Pavilion and of the Field.  The costs of this are met from the parish precept, and supplemented by contributions from fund-raising events held in the Field (e.g. car boot sales, ONB Fete). OPC will not sub let the field or Pavilion but will happily entertain requests from residents to use the field for events (e.g. football matches, weddings, parties). Larger events held in Nunton Field can be found in the events calendar.

As OPC regularly receives requests for use of the Field and/or Pavilion for organised events and activities below are some general terms of use:

  1. As a general principle OPC supports the use of the Field and Pavilion by residents of the parish, and by organisations and associations which have close links with the parish.
  2. OPC reserves the right to consider each request individually to ensure that the proposed use is appropriate and will cause minimal disruption and inconvenience to local residents.
  3. As a general principle OPC does not support the use of the Field and Pavilion by external organisations and Associations which have no close links with the parish.
  4. Long term regular use by any organisation that meets the criteria of this Policy Statement should be arranged under licence that describes the policy for use by that organisation.  That licence should include definition of a trial period of use.
  5. Users of the Field and Pavilion will be invited to make a modest contribution towards upkeep and maintenance of the facilities.
  6. Users of the Field and Pavilion will be expected to leave the facilities clean and tidy, and in the state that they found them. Users who do not meet this condition will be prohibited from using the facilities in future.

If you wish to enquire about using the field or pavilion for an event please get in touch with us by completing some details in the form below.